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Episode 5: Economic Fallout

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Episode 5: Economic Fallout

The economic pitfalls set up for developing nations by the World Economic Forum and the Chinese government.

Shinzo abe assassinated

Just two days after former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's murder, the right-wing Liberal Democratic Party of Japan won a resounding victory in the nation's legislative elections.

Abe was murdered on July 8 in the western city of Nara by a guy who was armed with a handmade gun.

The LDP and its coalition partner Komeito won more than 75 seats in the House of Councillors election on Sunday, according to Kyodo News, giving the parties a majority in the 248-member lower house of parliament.

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Boris resigns

Following his own government's wholesale resignation on Thursday due to a slew of political scandals, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned as the head of the Conservative Party.

His resignation brought to an end a tumultuous week of high-stakes drama within the Conservative Party, which is now embroiled in a leadership contest.

Outside of No. 10 Downing Street, Johnson made his resignation plans known. He also stated that he will continue serving as caretaker prime minister when a replacement is found.

Euro reaches parity with us dollar

The oil supply issue and economic problems in the euro zone continue to weigh on the single currency, which dropped to $0.9998 versus the dollar, its lowest level since December 2002.

At around $1.003, the euro is now up 0.08 percent. The U.S. dollar index also increased at the same time, peaking at $108.56 (its highest level since October 2002) before declining.

Due to growing uncertainty about the bloc's energy supply and Russia's threat to further limit gas exports to Germany and the rest of the continent, fears of a recession have increased in recent weeks.

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