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The reason 

The internet gives us access to a wealth of information, but it also makes it harder to understand wisdom and knowledge.

Social media has the power to significantly link individuals, but it also makes it more difficult for us to comprehend one another.

It is more of an accelerant, accelerating long-term tendencies than it is a global web that unites us all.

Even before the internet became a regular part of our lives, our faith in the institutions that had formerly been our rock was dwindling, but its existence has only made us feel even less a part of a shared environment.

Seeking the truth 

This is especially true in the field of journalism.

In addition to the fact that there is too much noise and not enough signals, the signals we should be paying attention to are frequently dismissed as noise, and the noise is sold as prophesy.

Those who want it can still discover a lot of wonderful journalism, but they have to look for it like a tourist trying to find a chapel among the neon signs of some dystopian red-light district.

The Agenda 

We make no apologies for being conservative.

Some of the worst journalism is concealed behind a neutrality mask and the power that comes with it, while some of the best journalism emerges when the author is open and honest with readers about his or her goals.

We will make an honest effort to explain competing ideas while giving an analysis. We will not decide if the disclosed material will help a certain political party or candidate.

We hope that our readers' preconceptions will be challenged. Many will object, but we hope they will recognize that there is no hidden agenda.

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