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Episode 6: The String of Pearls Theory

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Episode 6: The String of Pearls Theory

China's Belt and Road initiative, its highly strategic planning, and India's response to these developments.

How does the String of Pearls has impacted India?

Chinese efforts to create a network in the Indian Ocean are referred to as "a string of pearls" (SoP) (IOR).

Every Pearl stands for a different kind of long-term Chinese military station that will eventually assist China in projecting its might, whether offensively or defensively, into South Asia and beyond.

India's ports have recently developed, and this is considered one pearl in a series of pearls.

India is affected by China's String of Pearl’s policy in its three most significant areas: ideology, diplomacy, and maritime security.

China's growth is a threat to India's influence over the nations of South Asia since it results in tough negotiations and has already made itself known in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives.


Chinas strategic planning

The strategic repercussion of China's deployment of the String of Pearls in the Indian Ocean region is that China will overtake India as the dominant nation in the region.

At the same time, China's strategic influence in the western Pacific will grow.

Due to the String of Pearls' strategic relevance in terms of access, monitoring, and power projection, nations in the Indian Ocean who now do not wish to cooperate with China may be compelled to do so.

In a sense, this might result in India being less important in the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

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